About us


Cathryn Rees – Slawson is a highly qualified instructor, who trained at the Alan Herdman Pilates Studio in London in 2002. Cathryn started teaching in Wrexham in January 2004, and opened  The Pilates Centre in January 2006.  Cathryn also teaches a number of private and corporate sessions in Wrexham and Chester, as well as holding regular classes in the Chiropractic Clinic in Garden Village. Her list of clients includes sports enthusiasts, dancers, expectant mothers, people who have had or are awaiting surgery, those with serious back and joint complaints, and people who just want to get fit and improve their physique, posture and musculo-skeletal health.

Cathryn initially trained as a dancer but was hindered by a back injury and was forced pursue other interests, but dance and fitness remained an integral part of her life. Whilst travelling in Australia, she qualified as a fitness instructor and was later introduced to Pilates when she was having recurrent knee problems from distance running. She found the technique an effective way of keeping supple and strong without putting pressure on the knees or the back.  Pilates has also helped her through three pregnancies and getting back into shape afterwards. Cathryn works closely with physiotherapists, chiropractors and other medical professionals in Wrexham. Her knowledge and thorough application of the Pilates technique in a straight forward and honest style make her classes fun and appealing to everyone. Her attention to detail and dedication to each client has earned  her the reputation that she has.


Laura is our newest member at The Pilates Centre.  She has been training with Cathryn for over 12 months and qualified with the fitness professionals “PFE”  earning  her diploma  in mat Pilates  in 2015.

Pilates was recommended to Laura by her chiropractor to help with her lower back problems due to the nature of her job as a mobile hairdresser.

After attending  Cathryn’s  classes for a few years and feeling the fantastic benefits of Pilates she looked into becoming an instructor.

During her training she became a new mum to little boy Zac, and  found keeping up her Pilates practice extremely  beneficial both during and after the pregnancy.

Laura now runs the Friday evening beginners courses at The Pilates Centre which she started January 2016 and has recently started teaching  mixed ability classes during the week. She intends to continue her development as a Pilates instructor by attending regular courses and training to grow her knowledge and experience. The next  course she will be attending explores the use of small equipment in the classes.

Laura’s calm, friendly manner and attention to detail has made her classes very popular.

The Centre

The Pilates Centre is based in the Bryn Estyn business Centre which has long been the home of the Wrexham Rugby club. It is within easy reach of most routes into Wrexham and there is plenty of room for parking.

The Pilates Centre is a spacious well equipped studio on the first floor. It is spacious and welcoming with mats and equipment provided, including the reformer. As not everyone can lie flat comfortably there are a number of cushions and supports to help make the client more comfortable. There is also the Pilates reformer which is used for individual sessions.

The Classes –  Pilates Matwork

This is done as it suggests, primarily on a mat and mostly lying down, using the body’s own weight for resistance. The original matwork sequence devised by Joseph Pilates consisted of just 34 exercises.  Most of these exercises are extremely difficult to master, so some of them have been modified to suit the everyday person. In a situation where the exercise is unsuitable for the client Cathryn will adapt the exercise or suggest an alternative.

The classes are around an hour to an hour and a half long and work the whole of the body, sometimes using small equipment such as weights and balls. Mats and equipment are provided. There are a maximum of 15 clients in each class and the format of the session is relaxed and friendly . You should leave feeling rested but revitalised .

Private Tuition

There are many reasons why some people prefer to have individual tuition. If you have a serious illness or condition it is often advisable to have one to one classes tailored to your own needs. Also some people don’t like a group situation and prefer to exercise alone. These sessions usually take place in the studio in Wrexham as there are all the necessary pieces of equipment to hand . However for those who  find it difficult to get out of the house for  whatever  reason  Cathryn can teach them  in the comfort of their own home. Mats, head pads and small pieces of equipment will be provided.

At your first session, Cathryn will discuss with you  your needs and what goal you wish to work towards and a training program will be designed accordingly.

The Reformer

The reformer is a strange looking machine that at first glance looks like something from medieval times! However it provides finely tuned exercise resistance that allows you to work very precisely, developing good alignment, core strength and flexibilty. It enhances your workout greatly and helps identify and correct muscle imbalances.

A one to one session on the reformer is for those with some experience of mat work and session times are arranged with the individual.