“The doctor suggested I try Pilates after going with pain in my hip. I tried some private lessons to practice the breathing, then started the classes. It is one of the best things I have done for myself. I actually feel I am walking taller when I come out of the studio. Cathryn is a brilliant teacher.”


“I have been attending Cathy’s Pilates for several years and can highly recommend them. Cathy is supremely professional, very aware of individual needs and problems and always encouraging. The sessions are calm, relaxed and very beneficial. There is no pressure to achieve beyond one’s capabilities, but help is always at hand even if one hides in the back row!”

Sheila J

“From beginner to advanced, Cathryn’s classses suit all levels and both sexes.The classes are relaxed, there is no competeing or ‘trying to keep up’. Cathryn walks around the class and talks to you individually and deals with you at your level as you progress she will progress with you. My back and neck has much improved since attending class, as has my posture. They are very enjoyable,comfortable classes, suitable for everyone to join.”


“Having attended many different pilates classes in Wrexham and Chester I can genuinely say that The Pilates Centre offers the best in the area. I look forward to going every week and always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, as well as knowing that I have worked all my muscles. Cathy is an excellent instructor who will always give you the one-on-one attention you need in a pilates class. I thouroughly recommend that you go to The Pilates Centre!”

Emma W

“I have been attending the pilates centre in Wrexham for a couple of years now and would recommend it to everyone, Cathy is a dedicated teacher and her enthusiasm is infectious.”

Sue W

“Cathryn was recommended by my physiotherapist as I have Fibromyalgia, this condition varies from day to day. I found Cathryn to be extremley helpful and understanding, I always leave the classes looking forward to the next.Thanks Cathryn!”


“Cathryn has taken the very best from Alan Herdman, the UK’s foremost Pilates teacher, and blended it with her own personality and ideas to to create classes that are both physically stimulating and extremely friendly. Although there can be anything from 10 to 15 people in a class you always come away feeling you have had one-to-one attention. This means that everyone gets the maximum out of each session. The other attraction is that she does it all for a quarter of the price of London classes.”

Martyn W

“I had tried several different Pilates classes before finding the Pilates Centre. Cathy is the best instructor I have come across, she has an excellent teaching style giving everyone individual attention during the session to help you get the best out of a class. She is also very caring and uses her extensive knowledge to offer alternative exercises for people with difficulties. The Pilates studio in Wrexham is a nice relaxing environment with all the equipment needed already there for you and there are several classes suitable for all levels during the week to choose from. If you are thinking of trying Pilates then I would highly recommend trying The Pilates Centre first. Thanks Cathy!”

Louise E

“I have been to many different pilates classes in the past, but once I found Cathryn’s class I can say that she is the best teacher I’ve had. Her classes are really relaxing but also fun and really friendly and her expertise is very much valued. She really knows what she is doing and walks around and corrects us all individually. A true gem!”

Cathy H

“I LOVE Cathryn’s Pilates Classes. They are friendly and fun, but much more – for me, I’m sure they’re keeping the effects of ageing at bay – reversing them even. I can once again get up easily in the morning from a futon when visiting my grandchildren! Thankyou, Cathryn, for all your expert help and encouragement.”

Isabel H

“I am very impressed with the instructor’s expertise and attentive teaching style. I attended whilst pregnant and with some problems with my pelvis. It was clear that the instructor knew what she was doing and I felt like she took very good care of me.”

Bethan F

“I’m a post Stroke victim from November 2007. I have various problems due to the stroke and have recently had Heart procedures. Having always done gym work I completed my Cardiac Rehabilitation but had post Stroke fatigue and found that the rehab of course helped with the Heart but caused my Post Stroke problems to get worse. I have tried other types of rehabilitation but since going to Pilates with Cathryn I’ve found that the impact on the body is far less but still get full benefit from the various exercises. I would recommend anyone to try Pilates especially with an expert like Cathryn.”

Peter L J